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Christchurch North Methodist Parish
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Our Team

Rev Anne Preston, Minister
Anne joined the Christchurch North Methodist Parish in January 2019.  She has previously been stationed at the Hamilton East Methodist Parish.

From Anne: Our parish welcomes anyone and everyone! I see the world as a complex and messy place where I don't have many answers, but a whole lot of pastoral questions and concerns as I see the hurt, pain, and insecurities that so many people carry and where hardly anyone fits in the nice, neat boxes that we often like to construct.

We have different views on a lot of different topics and while I might not understand you and your journey completely (it would be ignorant and shallow of me to say that I do) and we may have differing views on a raft of things (as everyone does), the doors of our faith community are open to you.  My arms are also open to you just as you are.

I can't promise that I won't stuff things up from time to time, but I am here to listen, to share the joys and pains of life; the struggles and the laughter just as I am with anyone.  Life can be messy, complex and difficult to understand, but you have my embrace and the sharing of my life just as I am.

You are as welcome to commune at the table of Christ as I am, so if you ever step into our community, the invitation to the table will be extended to you as it is for everyone.  Just as the grace, love and mercy of God have been extended to me, so I extend then to you with a soft heart.  You are welcome to explore spirituality alongside me as we learn and keep ourselves open to union with God and however that union might shape our inner being and our life in the world.  (Originally written by Rev Frank Ritchie and used with permission)

Contact: or 352 7952 or 027 613 6711

Anne is not available on Mondays.

Sue Davidson, Parish Office Secretary
Sue has a very busy role coordinating the bookings for the various activities and many groups that use the church premises, as well as all the other administrative duties of a vibrant and busy church.  Sue is the first person to contact if you want to view our premises, make a booking, and she can also help you with any other enquiries.

Office Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays 9am – 1pm

Contact: 352 7952 or


Parish Council
Parish Council is the group who are elected from our membership to manage and govern the life of our Parish.  They meet every second month.

Parish Council Chairperson: Richard Chalklen

Parish Council Secretary: Rosetta Smith

Parish Treasurer: Rosalie Allen

Parish Stewards: Carol Barron & Eduard Smith


Parish Committees
The following committees are responsible for creating a smooth and efficient working environment that meets the needs of the parishioners, the ministry team, staff and the wider community.  The committees are accountable to the Parish Council.

Committees & Convenors:
Worship & Education – Dave Hall

Finance & Property – Helen Young & Richard Chalklen

Pastoral & Social – Joan Adamson

If you would like to know how to become a member of a committee, please contact our office on 352 7952.