The Methodist Connexional Office is located at:

Weteriana House
50 Langdons Road
Christchurch 8053

Postal address

PO Box 931, Christchurch 8140

T. (03) 366 6049   I. 0800 266 639

Please phone our main line (as above) and at the prompt either dial '0' to speak to Reception or enter an extension number. FOR A LIST OF EXTENSIONS CLICK HERE

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Christchurch North Methodist Parish
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  D.A.T. 15 | Not all Heroes Wear Capes   
  D.A.T 17 | Be With a Tree   
The Bishopdale Community Trust
Visit the Bishopdale Community Trust Web Page
Christchurch North Methodist Parish has a close relationship with the Bishopdale Community Trust,
with representatives from the Church on the Trust Board