Aerial View of the Campsite

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Directions from the Waimakariri Bridge on the Northern Motorway

1. Head north on Christchurch Northern Motorway
4.4 km
2. Turn left at Lineside Rd. Instructions 3, 4, 5 & 6 just follow the main route to Rangiora
6.7 km
3. Lineside Rd turns slightly right and becomes Southbrook Rd
0.8 km
4. Continue on Percival St
0.7 km
5. Slight right at Victoria St
0.3 km
6. Turn left at Ivory St
0.8 km
7. Turn left at High St - this is the centre of Rangiora
41 m
8. Turn right at Ashley St
1.7 km
9. Slight left at Millton Ave
0.8 km
10. Millton Ave turns slightly right and becomes Cones Rd and crosses over the Ashley River
2.4 km


About 2km on, the main route veers left. Do not take this road but turn right and stay on Cones Road. Turn left at Carrs Rd

6.8 km
12. Continue on Loburn Terrace Rd - last 4-5 kms to the Camp are gravel
4.7 km
13. Continue on Smarts Rd
1.7 km

The Journeys End Campsite is on the Left Hand side of the road.