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President, Conference 2006 - Rev Dr John Salmon
Vice President, Conference 2006 - Mrs Mary West

The 2006 Conference Decisions
are now available on the website

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Greetings from Conference 2006

The Presidential Team 2007
The Rev’d Brian Turner, and Dr Barbara Peddie, both of Christchurch, we elected by Conference as President and Vice President Elect. They are to be inducted at the next Methodist Conference to be held in Wellington in November 2007. President John Salmon and Vice-President Mary West conveyed the support and affirmation of the Church to Brian and Barbara.


Conference gathered at St Mary’s Catholic School to begin with the welcome of a Powhiri on Saturday morning 4th November.

This Powhiri was a special recognition of our Bi-Cultural Partnership, and a celebration of our Life. It was a Powhiri with a difference for our Church, as President John Salmon and Vice President Mary West continue in office for a second year until November 2007.

The Powhiri was an event of Mana and celebration with speeches of Welcome and response, along with a recognition of those who have died this year including Dame Te Atairangi Kaahu the Maori Queen and the King of Tonga. We affirmed the new King Tuheitia.

On Saturday we gathered in our Partnership Groups of Taha Maori and Tauiwi to prepare for Conference meetings on Monday.

In Transition – Life changing:

An evening of affirmation, acknowledgement and celebration of many years given to ministry. Saturday night provided the time for the Church to honour Norman Brookes, Ashley Corlett, William Elderton, Jessie Kerr, John Meredith, Beverley Osborn, David Pratt, Lorraine Reid, Gillian Richards, Barbara Stephens and Keith Taylor. The Church said thanks and provided opportunity for each to respond briefly to President John Salmon’s recognition of each person’s particular years of service and gifts in ministry at the end of January 2007 – we know it can also mean new beginnings.

Many members of Conference gather for a Dinner, to conclude a Methodist day of celebration.

Sunday morning and afternoon Conference members gathered in a series of “Interest Groups” on a variety of themes, as meeting places for conversation and explanation.

Morning worship at St Mary’s Catholic Church was of historic significance for our Church with the “Reception into Full Connexion” of twenty two Deacons, many of whom were present. In 2005 we agreed all ordained Deacons would be received into Full Connexion. Six Presbyters from other Churches overseas we also received into Full Connexion along with Sandra Gibbons in preparation for ordination Sunday afternoon at St Mary’s Catholic Church. President John Salmon addressed the Conference on the theme “Our Church Now, Difference and Social responsibility” as a development of what he said in his 2005 Presidential Sermon, to which he added a new dimension about our responsibilities concerning climate change. Vice President Mary West gave the ordination charge for the ordination service as a challenge as we exercise our ministries.



Conference welcomed visitors from other Churches and Observers and the Rev’d Tom Stuckey, Ex President from the British Methodist Conference responded warmly.


When the Conference approved the Stationing Sheet for Presbyters and Deacons to take effect from 1st February 2007, we stood in affirmation.

The Rev John Murray was appointed as Superintendent Methodist Mission Northern, as a Connexional Appointment. The Rev Keith Taylor completes 8 years as Mission Superintendent.

Council of Conference

The Conference received a Report of the Council of Conference and approved membership for 2007. A discussion concerning ‘How we work as a Conference’, with changes in recent years, suggested the need for transparency in our work and greater participation. The mind of the Conference was to move forward rather than return to Conference Committee of Detail – the Business Committee is to look at this and report to Tauiwi Strategy and Stationing Committee and Hui Poari. Changes to the appointment process for membership at the PAC Distribution Committee was approved and the report of the Connexional Budget Task Group was adopted.

Conference agreed that the answers to the Questions “What is God saying to us now?” and “What more can we do to promote the work of God?” will be addressed as we continue in our work as a Conference.

Law Revision

The process for Discipline was reviewed during this year and the Law Revision Committee will bring suggested changes to Conference 2007.

Report Te Taha Maori

Te Taha Maori continue to seek ways to move forward. The Home Mission Church Extension Investment Funds Board was dissolved by Conference and the members thanked and discharged.Conference received an exciting and detailed report on the ongoing work of the Grey Institute Trust Board.

Te Taha Maori – a message shared with Conference:

“Maoridom continues to mourn the passing of Te Arkinui Te Ara I Rangi Kahu and in that, we support also her son Kingi Teheitia.

We further note the passing of king Topou IV of Tonga and we share that loss with the people of Tonga, and we grieve with them: those Tongan people living here in Aotearoa, and those living in other parts of the world.”

In conclusion Taha Maori offered these words in Waiata –

“Here I stand in my home, listening to every cry of the bird
soaring and carrying its message.
Who will take care of our Church and its people?
It will come with justice and truth, and through compassion.”

Christian World Service - Report Director Jonathan Fletcher.

“Fair Trade” is important – coffee is a good example of this. Challenge: Confirm your Church a “Fair Trade” Church - guarantee a better world for third world Producers. CWS – Christmas Appeal – not to late to order for 2006 Appeal with its focus on “Water” - water for well being – the right to water. CWS appreciates the support from MWF and APW each year. CWS 2007 Calendar is now for sale – in time for postage overseas immeadiately.

Report on the World Council of Churches General Assembly 2006 – Brazil

Conference was given a visual and lively Report on “Transforming the World”.


  • 2000+ participants
  • An inspiring life changing experience.
  • A quote: “Beyond knowing there is another knowing.”

We are midway through the Decade to Overcome Violence. WCC delegates were given two crosses – one from Olive trees destroyed in Palestine and the other from bullet shells from Liberia.

The challenge to Reach 25% Youth membership in the Assembly was not achieved.

Silently the youth watched in the Assembly

they sat quietly

and left without aggression.

The message was one of “Hope” amid the

“Climate Change” will be one of the WCC priorities of the next four years.


Ministry Resourcing

New Staff - Nigel Hanscamp - Director Pakeha Ministry

Aso Samoa Saleupolu - Director Pasifika Ministry

Nicola Grundy – Business Manager

Te Rito Peyroux – Youth Ministry

The Appointment of the Director Pasifika Ministry was a significant bold step forward for our Church dealing with cultural identities.

Fostering and nurturing Pacific identities in New Zealand and their Home countries listening to voices of New Zealand raised/born young people.

Korean Ministry

The meeting of the World Methodist Conference provided the opportunity to explore how to develop our relationship with the Korean Methodist Conference of South Seoul. This is a work in progress which involves conversations with Mission Resourcing and Te Taha Maori.

Overseas Ministry

A proposed Policy – (a Partnership Policy) this Policy now being tested - the Policy to be considered by the wider Church during 2007.

Leadership Development and Candidature.

Changes are being developed – but leadership in the Church is a longer issue than preparing people for ordination. Work is being done with Boards / Synods / Groups. PAC has given a Grant to develop promotional material.

Youth Ministry

Preparing and promoting Youth Resources. Enjoying work in partnership with Te Taha Maori/ Watch for Youth Conference 2005 info – 10th – 13th January 2008 – Lincoln University, Christchurch.


The Rev’d Dr Mary Caygill, Principal Trinity College has indicated her intention to resign as Principal from 31st January 2008. The Board of Ministry will work with Te Taha Maori during 2007 in the appointment of a new Principal.

Board of Ministry

The conference recognised the valued contribution made to theological Education of the Rev Enid Bennett, Fellow of Trinity College, who died in February 2006, and expressed its thanks to Desmond Cooper who completes six years as Ordinand Assessment Convenor; and the Rev’d Dr Lynne Frith for her work on the UCANZ Standing Committee.

Forum for Co-Operating Ventures (UCANZ)

The Report was introduced by John Jones, Executive Officer for the “Uniting Confregations of Aotearoa New Zealand”. Next Forum meeting November 2007 – Wellington area.

CCANZ will do registrations for CV’s and Co-Operating Ventures. Website being updated for UCANZ.

Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy

Annual Appeal launched this year. Ron Malpass expressed thanks to Churches – to date they have received $57,000.

Tertiary Chaplaincy

Thanks expressed for support given by our Church.

Wesley College

Achievements of students from the College are notable.

The students played their part significantly during the year with the death of the Maori Queen and then soon after the death of the King of Tonga. The College is indebted to the Robert Gibson Trust for their support of Students.

Conference affirmed with acclamation the way in which the Principal Ian Faulkner has given leadership in transformation of our College.

CASI – Churches Agency on Social Issues

Conference was introduced to Paul Thomson CASI’s new Research and Liaison Officer.

Work this year:

a) Section 59 of the Crimes Act: CASI Supported repeal and made submissions to the Select Committee

b) Submission made on

- extra shop trading hours

- The treaty in legislation – requested no more change

Questions – How to speak prophetically?

How to spread CASI’s work beyond Wellington?

Work for next year:

“Sustainability of Climate Change – the big issue!”

Decision of significance for all congregations?

“This Conference urges congregations to be conscientious in ordering Congregational life on sound principles of sustainability, and honour our responsibility to be God’s stewards for His earth.”

Visit the CASI website

Mission & Ecumenical

Seasonal Migrant Workers Scheme

3. Conference:

a welcomes the New Zealand Government’s ‘Recognised Seasonal Employer’ policy with its focus on Pacific Forum nations,

b expresses concern that the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (two of the most troubled and impoverished nations in the Pacific) have been excluded from the list of countries to be the focus of special facilitative measures to get the scheme started and seeks their inclusion;

c through its parishes expresses a willingness to become involved in the pastoral care of workers who come to New Zealand under this scheme.

Proposals for a new ecumenical initiative have been circulated.

Conference is asking that a dialogue occur to address issues of vision and theological rationales concerning a New ecumenical initiative.

i a robust biblical, theological and spiritual base for a future expression of ecumenism

ii a vision for expressing the visible unity of the church whilst affirming the diversity of theological wisdoms, spiritual insights, denominational traditions, and cultural insights, as treasures not to be lost

iii a vision of shalom, the realm of God, or new creation, that embraces healing, peace and justice in addressing issues relating to the earth, its peoples, and our country

iv an ecumenical body developing a life of its own that is more than the sum of its parts (i.e. the participating churches)

v the need for a forum that will enable churches to reflect on what it means to be churches together in the 21st century

World Methodist Council

Conference congratulated and expressed support to Jill van de Geer and Mary Caygill on their appointment to the World Methodist Council.

Evangelical Network

Theme for camp 2006 – “The Hope I have within me”. Hope is personal for Evangelical Network and the Methodist Church. Affirm the Tom Bandy Conferences – Tom works at “Church Health”.

Methodist Women’s Fellowship

Conference received the report of the Methodist Women’s Fellowship and adopted the revised Constitution of the MWF – revised to meet the new Charities Act. Lynne Scott was introduced as the new President of the MWF.

Lay Preachers Network
Conference was urged to value the work of the many Lay Preachers who provide leadership in the Church. The list of accredited lay preachers is on the website. [ Find the list here ]


Conference acknowledged the Past President Lynne Frith and Past Vice President David McGeorge, who at this Conference move out of office. Lynne and David spoke to the Conference about their experiences (one year longer than expected) as they “fall off the end” as the Methodists say.

Marsden Cross Project

Conference received a Report on the establishment of the Marsden Cross Trust Board – to create a National Heritage centre at Marsden Cross where Christianity first came to New Zealand. The Methodist Church has given $5000 to assist with the project. Parishes will be informed about the project and hear about the “Friends of the Project”.

Next Conference

Conference will meet November 2007 in Wellington.

More photographs Morning Meditations

Retirees Conference 2006

Rev Tom Stuckey ex President British Methodist Conference Leading a Bible Study

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Methodist, Lutheran and Roman Catholic Official Common Affirmation

- visit to read the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification signed by the Methodists, Lutherans and Roman Catholics at the 2006 World Methodist Conference