A weekly resource for preachers and worship leaders

The "10 minutes on a Tuesday" resource is for preachers and worship leaders.  It is given in Word format to allow you to edit and rework the material for your own context and worship style.

Note from Andrew Gamman

With the closure of the Refresh ministry along with "10 Minutes on a Tuesday"Andrew Gamman has been contemplating independently producing a stripped-down lectionary resource.  It has been tentatively called, "Taking flight".  The details are still to be worked out, but the thinking is that there would need to be some charge, maybe $25 NZD for 25 issues, and enough subscribers to warrant pursuing this initiative.  At this stage it is still an idea, but if you think this is something you would find useful, he is willing to send out a sample early in 2015 to those who express interest.  You can express interest or respond with your thoughts by email to andrew@kererupublishing.com

2014 Archived copies of '10 Minutes on a Tuesday'