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New Zealand
Lay Preachers Association

New Zealand Lay Preachers Association (NZLPA)

The New Zealand Lay Preachers Association (NZLPA) is made up of over 200 Lay Preachers from mainline churches around New Zealand who have undertaken the training and assessment which has allowed them to be recognised by their respective churches as competent to fill the role of a Lay Preacher. Those in training, anyone interested in this ministry, as well as parishes and institutions are also invited to become members. 

The NZLPA, as an ecumenical body, issues certificates to accredited Lay Preachers which recognises their calling and ability to lead worship.

NZLPA also tries to represent the interests of Lay Preachers, and endeavours to provide a forum for and a source of support for Lay Preachers. An important part of that role is encouraging the sharing of resources useful to Lay Preachers. Our quarterly publication of Word & Worship is valued by our members.

The National Executive of the New Zealand Lay Preachers Association is scattered throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand and meets using Skype and email

Personnel are:

Minutes Secretary
Correspondence Secretary
Membership Secretary  
  Joshua Robertson  
Rachael Masterton
Linda Hall
Dorothy Willis
Valerie Marshall
Rachel Masterton
Peter Lane
  Corresponding Members   Viv Whimster, Judy McFall-McCaffery, Rosalie Gwilliam
  Editor, Word & Worship   John Meredith
  Editorial Assistant   Jill Meredith


Members of the NZLPA Executive may be contacted via their website:

Application Forms for NZLPA Membership and for Long Service Certificates are available and may be downloaded from:

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