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Methodist Children's Home photographs

These photographs are digital copies of original material held by the Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives, Christchurch.  

The photographs are supplied for personal use such as sharing on a blog or social media and not for commercial use.  There are no known copyright restrictions on these photographs.   Please acknowledge the Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives if using one of these photographs for personal use on social media or another website.

If you would like to order a high resolution digital copy of any of the photographs, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page and quote the photograph reference (listed below the individual photograph).


Auckland Children's Home


CC13 Epsom home

CC14 Epsom home

CC14a 1 Epsom home

CC14b 1 Epsom home
CC14c 1 Epsom home staff
CC17 Cockle Bay 1946 1
CC17 Epsom home 1946 10
CC17 Epsom home 1946 11
CC17 Epsom home 1946 12
CC17 Epsom home 1946 13

CC17 Epsom home 1946 14
CC17 Epsom home 1946 15

CC17 Epsom home 1946 2
CC17 Epsom home 1946 3
CC17 Epsom home 1946 4
CC17 Epsom home 1946 5
CC17 Epsom home 1946 6
CC17 Epsom home 1946 7
CC17 Epsom home 1946 8
CC17 Epsom home 1946 9
CC17 Epsom home 1948
MS1141 1 c1940
MS1141 2 Epsom Home c1945
MS1141 3

MS1141 4 Wesleydale 1956
MS1141 5 1955
MS1141 6 Wesleydale 1956
CC17 Epsom home 1946 1
CC17 Cockle Bay 1946 2

Masterton Children's Home

P1033 1966

P1034 c1960s

P1035 c1960s

P1037 1969

P1038 1951

P1039a 1949
P1040 1949

South Island Children's Home 

P-1001 c1943-6

P-1002 c1943-6 

P-1003 c1943-6

P-1004 c 1944
P-1005 c1944
P1006 c1950s
P1007 c1950
P1008 c1950s
P1009 c1960's

P1010 c1960s

P1011 c1960s

P1012 c1960s
P1013 1964
P1014 c1960s

P1015 c1960s
P1016 c1970
P1017 1970

P1018 c1970s
P1019 c1970s
P1020 1976
P1021 c1970s

P1022 c1970s
P1023 1980

P1024 1980
P1026 1984

P1028 c1980s  Family home Barrington
P1029 1985
P1030 c1960s
P1031 c1960s
P1032 c1960s


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