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Architectural Plans Collection of New Zealand Methodist Church Buildings

Holdings at February 2010

For more information, please contact:

The Archivist

Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives

PO Box 931


New Zealand 8140

Phone 03 366 6049




The Architectural Plans Collection comes from several sources within the Methodist Church. Firstly from parishes, who have included architectural drawings within their own parish archives, usually as part of the building or development of buildings.

Secondly, from the Church Property Committee, Methodist Church Trusts and Methodist Trust Association. Included in these drawings are investment properties, particularly from 1980s, as well as buildings used by parishes.

The Architectural Plans Collection

In this descriptive list, the collection is arranged in alphabetical order, by Church name, or Parish name if appropriate.

Each drawing has a catalogue number allocated, which uniquely identifies each drawing. The letters APS form part of the catalogue number.

The title is written exactly as it is on the original plan. If there is no title, a brief description is given.

The earliest plan dates from 1880, the most recent, 2009; the Collection is being continually added to. The majority of the Collection consists of drawings of buildings used by parishes. It is not clear in some cases, whether the building plan went ahead, or if it was a proposal.

The format of the plans varies from original ink watercolours, to photocopies. It has been difficult to tell if the plan held in the Collection can be deemed the "original", so use of the term "copy" means it is not a hand-drawn ink, pencil, or watercolour drawing.

Ordering copies

Copies of plans can be purchased from the Methodist Church of New Zealand Archives. Due to the size of plans, copies are made by a commercial business. The charges for this service do not fall into the Methodist Archives usual copying charges prices and will be advised at the time of ordering.

Acknowledgement of volunteers

Grateful thanks is given to two members of the Methodist Archives Volunteer Programme who completed this two year project. Nadia Gush started this descriptive list in 2008 and it was completed by Samantha Quigley at the beginning of 2010.

Please click on the link below for the architectural plans 

- Architectural Plans