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The Future of Touchstone

Publishing Board welcomes feedback

The Methodist Publishing Board met recently to determine options for the future of Touchstone. Rising production and distribution costs mean it is no longer sustainable to print and post papers to parishes and individuals, free-of-charge.

Over recent months we have encouraged parishes to reduce the number of Touchstone copies they receive, and to direct their readers towards the online options available. Despite the reduction in the monthly print run, printing and distribution costs cannot be covered by reserves indefinitely.

It is proposed that from July 2023, parishes will be charged $1.50 per printed copy of Touchstone.

Parishes will need to decide by February 2023 the number of papers they want delivered per month. This quantity will remain consistent for the financial year July 2023 - June 2024. Payment will be automatically charged via direct debit. (Minimum of 5 copies per issue).

We invite parishes and individuals to respond to this online survey seeking feedback on five options proposed.

The Future of Touchstone:

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