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Face Masks

  • When to wear a face mask

    Face masks are key in reducing any aerosol that we create with breathing, talking and singing.

    Therefore wear a mask indoors if you will be talking or meeting with people that you don't normally mingle with on a daily basis.

    • people from multiple bubbles in a vehicle for a Church event or Church business 

    • church services and events

    • Op shops

    • Outreach
  • Who should wear a face mask

    Able breathing people who can remove the masks themselves.

  • Who should not wear a face mask

    • young children or people who need help to remove the masks
    • people who have trouble breathing
    • people providing service to lip readers
  • How to put on a face mask

    1. Use clean hands
    2. Use a clean, dry, undamaged mask
    3. Hold the mask by the ties or ear loops
    4. Place over your nose, mouth and chin
      • fit it comfortably and securely against the side of your face
      • ensure you can still breath easily!
    5. Clean your hands again!
  • How to remove a face mask

    1.    Use clean hands

    2.    Use the ties or ear loops to pull the mask away from your face.

    • AVOID TOUCHING your eyes, nose and mouth
    • AVOID TOUCHING the front of the mask

    3.    Clean re-usable masks in a washing machine with detergent at 60°C.

    • ensure mask is fully dry
    • use a dryer or dry it flat to maintain shape
    • if possible, dry in direct sunlight

    4.    Responsibly dispose of single-use masks in:

    • rubbish bin with closed lid
    • sealed bag (and then dispose of the bag)
    • AVOID re-using or disinfecting single-use masks.

    5.    Clean your hands again! 

  • When to change a face mask

    • if it gets damp or soiled
    • at least each day
    • if you cough, sneeze or dribble into it
    • wash before using again (resusable masks)
    • wear only once (single use masks)
  • Helpful websites

    Website Notes
    Government advice  
    3d mask template Make your own mask, consider using layers as described in the great advice below
    Sewing bee instructions  
    Sewing bee pattern/notes best printed in A3 size
    Some great advice Fit, fabric layers, nose wires, what makes a good mask
    3D clear face mask To make reading lips possible