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Covid-19 Response Plan

About this plan

  • Objectives

    Aotearoa is moving into a phase of using all of our Covid-19 tools together to maximise their potential protection.

    • Vaccinations – double doses and boosters
    • Facemasks
    • Hygiene and cleaning
    • Contact Tracing for businesses and organisations, and individuals
    • Feeling unwell? Stay home, consult your doctor, get a Covid-19 test
    • Physical distancing – particularly indoors
    • Ventilation – fresh air and cross breezes

    As we walk this path together, the Methodist Church of New Zealand seeks to protect the most vulnerable among us; those with a vaccine pass that still remain at risk, and people under 12 years old who may not yet be vaccinated.

    Read more about who is at higher risk.

    As such the Methodist Church requires that valid vaccine passes be used as a condition of use for all Church buildings. This leaves the challenge of remaining inclusive for those without a valid vaccine pass and those who cannot otherwise attend our services.

    As our understanding grows, updates will be issued based on queries received at the Connexional Office and any Government changes in advice and direction.

    This document will take for granted some lessons which should now be part of our daily lives such as how to contact trace, and why we have to wear facemasks.

  • Whom this applies to

    This document applies to everyone using Church premises but is being sent to presbyters and parish councils to be informed of The Methodist Church of New Zealand expectations.

  • Versions

    Current Issue: Version 1, 03 December 2021

  • What does love look like?

    Our challenge with the protection framework is to still include everybody when we have firstly and foremost chosen to protect the most vulnerable among us.

    Local and national Church leaders are working to find ways to work together and separately in the weeks ahead. Together, we will find the right way forward for us all through this time of transition.


No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God remains in us, and His love is perfected in us.

1 John 4:12