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Information Leaflets TEST

This is a trial page to get feedback on a new look and feel for Information Leaflets. I have experimented with two platforms:


Option 1. Using The Connexional Website:

  1. Click here for a sample page of information in our website.  Please note that I haven't added the indexing links to this page. If we were to proceed with this you would click on the 'index' and be taken to the relevant section. 
  2. Click here for a sample of what this page looks like when printed. I have saved it as a .pdf. 


Option 2. Hail.to platform. A one page 'article'

Click here  

and click here for the .pdf version


Option 3. Using the Hail.to platform

(we publish the Connexions newsletter on hail.to):

  1. Click here for a sample document in hail.to  (I'm sure that we will want to change the dates on this!)
  2. Click here for the .pdf version looks like


Current Layout

#7 Minister's Leave

Both versions have some formatting limitations. 

This page is 'live' but it will be very difficult for a novice to find. 

There will no doubt be some feedback on naming conventions, and some style issues.