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June 2010

Musos in Faith lead worship through song

By Cory Miller

A group of musicians is bringing a new face to the traditional church music.

Musos in Faith is an approximately 20-person band of mixed ages and ethnicities, brought together through a common love for music.

The 20-person band Musos in Faith enjoys a wide range of musical styles
and performs monthly at Mt Albert Methodist Church

One Sunday each month they have the privilege of sharing their love for music through worship at the Mt Albert Methodist Church.

"We are blessed with the musical church of Mt Albert," says Musos in Faith director Poulima Salima.

"As a group we bring our own elements to the worship, in a way that is adaptable to the young people."

Musos in Faith is not just a music group, says Poulima. "We are both a band and a choir. We can’t pigeon hole what we are. You could say our group is a space for Christ."

The musicians enjoy the freedom of being able to perform in different styles. As a result they have a large repertoire of music, from traditional church songs, to gospel songs to remixes and contemporary hill-songs.

Since the group first banded together in March of 2009, Musos has grown both in number and in skill.

Every Friday they gather to share in fellowship over a meal, before continuing on with a solid session of singing and dancing.

"We are growing each week," says Poulima. "Everyone has grown into their talents. The great thing is that originally it was us leaders who were guiding the band. But the younger folk have now begun to take charge."

He says Musos is providing the youth of the church an opportunity to "grow into their own."

Drummer Kerry Smith first became involved because it was a way to give something to the youth. He says it has been an "enlightening experience" to be able to see the youth develop into their talents.

"Now we are trying to get them to bring in their own inspiration."

Being a part of Musos has helped to keep a lot of youth within the church, says Kerry.

"Being a part of a music group gives them something to put energy into. What we play is not just a song but also a performance," he says.

Poulima says they encourage the youth to act on their talents and to share them with the group.

He says it does not have to just be musical talent. "We have people talented in choreography who are able to bring their skills to add to our music."

Poulima has high hopes for the group. Already they have ventured out into the community performing for youth services at various venues.

One day, he says he would like Musos to be able to take their music out into the wider community, into hospitals and into rest homes.

"The Glory is to God through music," he says.