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The Methodist Alliance is a formal alliance of the Methodist Missions, parishes and community based social services and trusts.  

Our Vision: A just and inclusive society in which all people flourish.

Our Mission: The Methodist Alliance is grounded in the Methodist Church of New Zealand/Te Hahi Weteriana o Aotearoa's commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the bi-cultural journey.  The Treaty of Waitangi is the covenant establishing our nation on the basis of a power-sharing relationship, and will guide how the Methodist Alliance undertakes its mission.

The Mission of the Methodist Alliance is to commend and affirm the journey from ka mate (death in the midst of life) to ka ora (life in the midst of death) and will be nourished by our Methodist theological understandings.

Our Membership: Our membership is open to all social services that run in conjunction with all parts of the Methodist Church of New Zealand/Te Hahi Weteriana o Aotearoa.  It includes:

  • All Methodist Missions
  • All trusts and community based social services associated with a Methodist or Cooperating Venture/Union Church (with a Methodist component)

Our Values are derived from these principles and include:

  • Respect for people – and every person's unique value
  • Inclusive of all ensuring that appropriate services recognise the diversity of peoples
  • Social justice – inequality, unfairness and exclusion will be challenged
  • Integrity - actions speak louder than words
  • Partnership – strength is found in cooperation
  • Empowerment– every person deserves the chance for choice and change
  • Sustainability – we are here for the long haul

Partnerships: We are committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all our work and to working in partnership as Maori and Tauiwi.

Our Theological Principles:

As part of the Methodist Church of New Zealand/Te Hahi Weteriana o Aotearoa, the following theological principles underpin our work.

We believe:

·         God has called us to stewardship of all of creation and we recognise God's loving presence among all people at all times. It is the love of God that empowers us in our struggles towards justice and unity and calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are struggling


·         that Christ leads us to affirm the dignity and worth of every human being


·         that we are bound in covenant relationship with tangata whenua and we seek to live as people of the Treaty


·         that for us the Good News of Jesus Christ contains the message that will promote effectively the regeneration and reconstruction of society


·         in the words of John Wesley

o   that our faith in God means loving God with all our heart, soul and strength and loving every soul that God has made

o   there is no holiness but social holiness; personal holiness is for changing the world, not just the individual

·        in the integrity and the inter-dependence of all creation and therefore we are required to live as stewards of life and work in connected ways

·        that all of life is infused with an inherent dignity and worth in the sight of God and we seek engagement in activities which transform dehumanising and depersonalising social behaviour

·      that together with others, we are called to bring hope, work for equity and justice and challenge unjust systems and structures. 

If you would like to join the Methodist Alliance, or have any questions, please contact the National Coordinator:

Carol Barron

03 375 0512

027 561 9164

P O Box 5416, Papanui, Christchurch 8542


Cycles of Hope

- a reaffirmation of Breaking the Cycle

We continue to affirm and commend the journey from ka mate (death in the midst of life) to ka ora (life in the midst of death).

We reaffirm the commitment required.

We are all encouraged

• to recognise we live in a changing, damaged
and fragile world

• to seek innovative solutions

• to respond to immediate need

• to enable people to achieve their own goals

• to strengthen children and adults of all ages

• to build better neighbourhood

• to move from "charity" to transformation

Acknowledging these challenges we, the people of Te Hahi Weteriana O Aotearoa,

     declare again that there is an alternative way:

to organise society as a neighbourhood, where we belong to each other,

rather than compete against each other.

Our recommitment to Breaking the Cycle
is a commitment to
Cycles of Hope

     It is a calling to

• listen and respond in humility to the stories of the people, tangatawhenua and tauiwi;

to support individuals, tamariki and whanau to reach their goals and build true neighbourhood.


Click here to read the full Cycles of Hope document

Faith Funding Manager for the Tindall Foundation

The Methodist Alliance acts as a Faith Funding Managers for the Tindall Foundation to support community and social services across Aotearoa.  Donations are made in accordance with the Tindall Foundation's criteria and eligibility guidelines with amounts ranging from $500 to $15,000.  Funding rounds are held annually and reporting on outcomes is provided to the Tindall Foundation.

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