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Ecumenical Climate Justice  - Integrative Policy - COVID recovery with climate justice. Letter to Prime Minister 

Covid-19 Recovery Fast Tack Consenting bill - Submission to address Climate Change and Pacific Peoples

Waiau River - in Danger - a Petition 28 June 2020

Jubilee for the EarthEconomic and Ecological Justice. World council of Churches

Climate Change workshop report - 13 March 2020

Inequality and the Climate Crisis. by Robert Howell

Governance and Economy of Life review Jakarta Indonesia August 2019

Just and Peace Ihumatao July19

Oranga Tamariki - Hope, Harm and Alternatives to Uplift 31 July 2019

NZ West Papua Aug19

Welfare Expert Advisory Group - Overview 19 May 2019

Overview of Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment act - 19 May

Capital Gains Tax - Fair Tax

The Future of Tax - for Ecological Wellbeing. Notes by Betsan Martin

Economy for Life Betsan Feb 2019

Wai-Tangi, Whanganui River - a legal person. by Betsan Martin Feb 2019

For Creed and Creation  Simple guide for Churches Jan 2019

Emily Colgan 'Re-viewing Earth' 25 Aug. 2018 Wesley Palmerston North

John Thornley 'Two Creation Stories' -  Reflection on Re-viewing Earth

Wellbeing - New Thinking and Multiple Ministries. Review and Questions August 2018

Renaissance of Relationality - Pacific Indigenous Conference, Suva June 2018

Zero Carbon Act Public Issues Discussion paper

Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry Notes

Climate Justice  - Climate Guidelines for the Methodist Church - August 2018

Backgrounder Methodist Te Hahi Climate Justice policy

Climate Finance and Investment. Briefing for MFE Consultation. April 2018

Landscape for Responsible Climate Investment - broader climate responsibility framework for investment April 2018

Submission on Child Poverty Reduction bill  March 2018

Submission to Productivity Commission Nov 2017

Briefing to Incoming Minister on Climate Change December 2017

Forestry - Dame Anne Salmond Letters: FSC Standards. Rethinking Forestry 

Gareth Evans Speech on Nuclear Disarmament 4 Nov. 2017

Notes on  Disarmament, Military, National Security

Gray Southon Paper on National Security, November 2017

Churches Climate Change Network Submission on Transitions to Low Carbon Economies to Productivity Commission, October 2017 

Judge Sir Taihakurei Durie Water Framework 2014  Durie Framework NZMC Water Policy.pdf

Climate Conversations

 Vision for Churches - Liturgical Studies 2017. Supporting material: 

 A.  Worship Resources - Courtesy John Thornley

       1. Paraphrase of Creation 'God Makes a Universe' by Ralph Milton

      2.  Paraphrase of Revelation by Ralph Milton

      3. Epiphany liturgy January 2017, by John Thornley

           Epiphany Reflections January 2017 by John Thornley

       4. Music by Shirley Murray 'Alleluia Aotearoa and Poem

                    a. Touch the earth lightly

                    b. God of the Galaxies spinning in space

                    c. Picture a Vacuum poem by John Thornley

                    d Tunnel Vision - closing lines

 B. Climate and Inequality - Inequality Explained

                                          -  Human Dimensions of Climate Change

 C. Declaration of Interdependence and Responsability

 D. Pierre Calame. Global Citizenship Education 2015

 E. PCC - WCC Pacific Conference of Churches & World Council of Churches Climate Declaration 2015

 F. His Highness TTT Tamasese ' Climate and Responsibility' 

  G. Climate Responsability, CCA Betsan Martin 

  H. Climate Eduction Philip Vaughter


Climate for Churches video presentations with:

           Professor James Renwick, Climate Scientist; 

           Dr Adrian Macey, Climate - Is there a Place for Churches?   

           Koreti Tiumalu, Pacific 350.Org; 

           Su'a William Sio MP Mangere; 

           Panel discussion led by Rod Oram, Business journalist. 

See the views of the Church NZ Youth representative at Marrakech COP22 - Alex Johnston, who worked with us for the Climate for Churches conference, 2016

 Comparing Climate Policies Frances Palmer

Climate Action for Churches  Frances Palmer

Interfaith Statement COP22

Sustainable Development Goals - NZCCSS Researcher Network Presentation Notes 

UNANZ Presentation Sustainable Development Goals - Climate,  Education, Costa Rica and Responsability

Peter Lane - Churches and Climate  Business Updated-  Public Issues at Methodist Conference and Conference on Climate and Business Oct 2016

Sermon, Poem and Graphs by John Howell Oct 2016

Climate Movement for Churches by Frances Palmer, Peace and Justice Network

NZ Govt. Why Climate Change Matters to NZ Sept 2016

Declaration of Responsibility for an interdependent world. August 2016

Local Government elections 2016 - Questions for Candidates

            Climate Questions: Climate Transitions, transport, energy, waste, forests, housing prepared by Frances Palmer

            Climate Questions - on Low Carbon Plans prepared by Frances Palmer

            A Compassionate City - prepared by Max Thomson