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Weteriana House
50 Langdons Road
Christchurch 8053

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PO Box 931, Christchurch 8140

T. (03) 366 6049   I. 0800 266 639

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Feb 2015

September 2014 SIDS, Elections - Inequality & Care for Creation, MCNZ Climate, NZCCSS

July 2014 Tick4Kids, Family Violence, Inequality, Climate Low Carbon,Water Updates

May 2014
Resources for Transitions to Low Carbon, Stop Sugar Drinks, Budget 2014, Student game about Child Poverty

April 2014
Tamariki Wellbeing, Climate Science for NZ, TPPA, Inequality resources

March 2014
Matanikolo, Transitions to Low Carbon, Inequality, Elections

February 2014
Child Poverty Resources; Church Climate & Carbon; Migrants, Refugees and Parishes; TPP; Freshwater

December 2013 Freshwater, Rebuilding Inequality, Child Poverty Monitor, Constitution

November 2013 Feed the Kids Bill, Wise Response, Fresh Water, Housing

October 2013 Solutions Child Poverty, Vulnerable children bill

October 13 TPPA, Local election

September Pacific Forum, Pay Equity for Women Carers,Child Vulnerability bill

September Confluence

August SkyCity, TPPA, Inequality

June - Inequality book, TPPA, Food in Schools

PIN Newsletter Living Wage plus current items
Update on
Living Wage $18.50 per hr
WeCan Canterbury Report Card

Prince Devandandan on Living WageNZ

Food in Schools

NZCCSS Vulnerability Report


December 12
Cyclone Evan Samoa and Fiji; Faiths against Violence, Alcohol law.
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