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Church Property and Insurance Manual - See HERE

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Establishing a Strategic Plan

The Waikato Waiariki Synod asked for assistance in establishing a strategic plan. In particular they asked:

  1. How does the Connexional Committee [MCPC] make its decisions
  2. How can the MCPC assist the Synods
  3. How does the Connexional Committee define mission.

See HERE for the full paper regarding establishing a Strategic Plan

All Churches Bureau Earthquake Manual

Application of the Earthquake Provisions of the Building Act 2004 to Existing Church Buildings - See HERE

Seismic Survey's - Earthquake Prone Buildings

Conference 2011 affirmed that the church would not expose its members or the public to the risks of earthquake prone buildings. Earthquake prone buildings are those that are below 34% of the current New Building Standard (NBS).

The Methodist Church has completed seismic surveys of all non-domestic property owned by the Church south of Huntly and expects to complete those north of Huntly by mid 2014. These initial, visual property inspections, Initial Evaluation Procedures (IEPs) determine if a building is likely to be earthquake prone or not.

Conference requires that all Methodist Church of New Zealand owned properties that are assessed at a seismic rating of below 34% of NBS and therefore earthquake prone, will need to be vacated until those building are strengthened to 67% of NBS unless a professional structural engineer confirms that the building is safe to continue to use whilst plans are prepared for strengthening.

Whilst the statutory minimum requirement is to strengthen to 34% of NBS the Church requires earthquake prone buildings to be strengthened to 67% of NBS. Conference 2013 again affirmed that the Methodist Church of New Zealand expects its buildings that are found to have a seismic rating below 34% of NBS to be strengthened to 67%. The Church also expects that buildings that are over 34% of NBS but below 67% to be strengthened over time to 67% of NBS.

The Insurance Fund has met the cost of the seismic strength reports (IEPs) but where buildings are found to have a rating below 67% of NBS a more detailed investigation will be required to be completed to determine how the buildings can be strengthened to 67% of NBS. The cost of these more detailed reports will have to be met by each of the parishes concerned.

For more information click HERE for Questions and Answers on Earthquake Prone Building Inspections.

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