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Arson is unfortunately a very real threat to our buildings. Insurance will cover the material damage, but not the emotional, so it is important that preventative measures are taken.

Please click the link below to watch a video on arson in churches, and advice on the preventative measures we can take.


MCNZ Employment Disputes Cover Flow Chart - English

MCNZ Employment Disputes Cover Letter - English

MCNZ Employment Disputes Cover Letter - Fijian

MCNZ Employment Disputes Cover Letter - Samoan

MCNZ Employment Disputes Cover Letter - Tongan


The Fund operates as a managed fund, where cover is purchased on a "calamity, first loss basis" for a sum sufficient to cover the Church's likely loss in a disaster affecting a part of New Zealand, e.g. an earthquake and consequent fire affecting Wellington, or a volcanic eruption in Auckland. The Church nationally carries a substantial share of claims made against the cover. Following Conference's decision, the Fund provides replacement cover as the standard unless the local Synod has recommended that, in furtherance of its agreed property strategy, functional replacement cover or cover indemnity cover shall be used, and MCPC has approved that recommendation.

Individual properties are protected through the Fund for the values recorded in the schedules of property used by the Fund, with individual values being reviewed every two years and adjusted by valuation, or other advice from parishes for contents cover or business interruption cover. The nominated sum insured is the maximum available to settle any claim; therefore it is vital that the properties insured are revalued by a registered valuer every two years. This includes commercial property as well as dwellings/residential property. The Insurance Fund provides a subsidy of 75% of the cost of the valuations.

The Fund expects parishes to only have to meet a modest excess in respect of claims and it allocated parishes a premium charge to cover the cost of the national insurance cover plus the risk assumed by the Church.

The Fund uses a national charge out rate per $100 of cover disregarding location, construction or any other consideration. This is contrary to normal insurance arrangements where premium rates vary depending on construction, location, earthquake zone etc. The Fund endeavours to express the concept of "connexionalism" where bigger help smaller or, in insurance language, the lower risk properties help the higher risk. A penalty premium applies to properties not meeting Conference requirements with regard to security/fire alarms.

Normally the Fund operates in surplus from year to year. This surplus is used to extend and improve the level of service and insurance protection available to the Church including the provision of a full range of liability covers for the Methodist Church of New Zealand.


CLICK HERE for Everything you need to know to manage church property. 1st Edition - May 2019 

The above link includes the following forms 

Insurance Claims Form - May 2019
Insurance Contents Form - May 2019
MCPC Application Form - May 2019
Presbyters Service Tenancy Agreement - May 2019
Asbestos Management Plan Stage 1 - May 2019

Insurance Renewal and Documentation

Click on the file below to access the Claim form in PDF format.

Earthquake Provisions - EQPB AllChurches Manual [1.87 Mb]

Renewal Letter

Click on the file below to access the Renewal Letter in PDF format.

Renewal Letter 2014-2015 [182 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2013-2014 [961 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2012-2013 [92 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2011-2012 [497 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2010-2011 [86 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2009-2010 [326 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2008-2009 [155 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2007-2008 [88 Kb]

Renewal Letter 2006 [51 Kb]

Insurance Fund Instalment Letters

Click on the files below to access the Instalment details in PDF format.

Insurance Fund - 31 March 2014 [75 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 8 August 2013 [71 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 25 February 2013 [66 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 1 February 2012 [97 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 4th Instalment 2011 [53 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 4th Instalment 2010 [113 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 3rd Instalment 2010 [128 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 2nd Instalment 2010 [100 Kb]

Insurance Fund - 4th Instalment 2009 [46 Kb]