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The story of the strengthening of the Connexional Funds of the Methodist Church of New Zealand 1975 - 1984
by Dennis J. Janus

With Renewed Vigour


Foreword - Alan K Woodley
I Inheritance
II Setting the Stage
III Start .. by Starting
IV The New Theme : Pooling of Resources
V Only a Means to an End
VI Concerted Effort, A New Direction
VII Dividends
VIII Inheritance II
Address by Dr Dennis Janus 1983     


This booklet is written in fulfilment of a promise made to the late Rev. Les Gilmore. He suggested that a record be made of the developments in the life of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, which, particularly after the establishment of the Investment Board in 1975, have influenced the Connexional Funds. Specifically the steps taken to retain and improve on the strength of the Funds to support the purposes for which these had been created. In that respect this precis is an update of "Inheritance" written by the late Rev. Herbert L. Fiebig, B. A. published in 1967. Information has been included to bridge the gap between 1967 and 1975. The developments mentioned have, in the context of an overall plan, brought a more co-ordinated approach to the management of the Connexional Funds and of the other material resources of the Church. They have also resulted in closer co-operation within the Church in a truly Connexional spirit and contain a promise of ongoing support of the Church's Mission well into the future. The fostering of the Connexional Spirit so close to the heart of Rev. Les Gilmore found its most evident expression in the era in which Rev. Alan K. Woodley was General Secretary of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, the years 1977 - 1987, years in which most of the developments took place. His strong support and active participation in many aspects of re-organisation of the Church's resources contributed very significantly to the strengthening achieved, so that the Church can continue its Mission "with renewed vigour".