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Valuable Beyond Price
- The Story of Sister Lina Jones


1 Called and Chosen
2 Sent Forth
3 In a New World
4 "Kinda" - Educational Foundation Stone
5 Depression Days
6 Consolidation and Development
7 War!
8 Rebuilding
9 Retired to Further Service
Appendix: Daily and Weekly Routines at Kokeqolo


In the Roviana language of the western Solomon Islands, the word laena means "value". In 1924 Sister Lina Jones arrived at Munda, in the heart of the Roviana speaking area. It was not long before she reported, with wry amusement, to her family, the local meaning of her baptismal name. The coincidence did not escape the Solomon Island people either. After her death one other former pupils wrote, "Meke pa 1979 tugo hie sa tiokia sa Tamasa, nabulu Arilaena-Hola Jones pude la koasa Tamasa." (In the year 1979, our God has called his servant "Valuable-Beyond-Price" Jones to be with Him.)

This is the story of Lina Jones as it is revealed through her letters and diaries.

My thanks are due to her sister-in-law Mrs Alice Jones, to Sister Effie Harkness, and to a number of Lina's colleagues and friends for their recollections and comments. My special thanks to the Solomon Islands people who shared their memories. We were at Munda when Lina died, and shared in the memorial service held in the shadow of Kokeqolo hill. It was a deeply moving occasion.