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The 80th Anniversary History of the Rawene Methodist Church

The 80th Anniversary History of the Rawene Methodist Church 1876-1956 

by K.Abercrombie

Ministers and Home Missionaries 
In the Beginning 
Settlers Arrive
Land Reserved 
Of Many Talents
Continuing through Adversity 
Launch Purchased 
"Long Treks"
In Many Places! 
Circuit Divided 
Better Communications 
Becomes a Circuit 
More Advances 
Second Elizabethan Era 
Church Institutions 
Church and Community 
The Church Building 
Gave Time and Talents
As They knew us 
The Lighter Side 

This compilation of the Rawene Methodist Church's first eighty years may differ from other such histories.

Believing that history can be a pleasure I have minimised the use of "dates" which often tend to bore the reader. Rather I have stressed the triumphs and setbacks of the people-who after all, are the Church.

It will be seen that the story often concerns the whole circuit. This has been done because while gathering information about Rawene, much concerned the circuit as a whole. Rather than let it pass into oblivion I have included it in this account.

Much of the information in this booklet came not from manuscripts, but from people, and I wish to thank the following who provided much valuable information: The Revs. H. A. Cochrane, D. G. Sherson, B.A., R. Grice, C. B. Oldfield, A. W. McKay, J. W. Parker, and H. Bateup (former ministers of the Hokianga circuit), the Revs. G. I. Laurenson, E. W. Hames, M.A., and H. L. Fiebig, B.A. (Connexional Secretary), Miss N. E. Bawden, Messrs. Geo. Pearson, T. G. M. Spooner, M.A., K. Langton (photographs), G. F. G. Millar and T. P. Lane.

This book has been made possible by the members of the Rawene Methodist Church Trust (Rev. H. D. Besant, B.A., Miss N. E. Bawden, Messrs. D. E. Fletcher, F. 0. J. Langton and Geo. Pearson). I extend my sincere thanks to Miss C. Langton who typed the manuscript, and to Mr. L. Abercrombie and the Secretary of the Wesley Historical Society, the Rev. L. R. M. Gilmore, B.A., and the Rev. E. W. Hames, M.A., of Trinity College, who read the manuscript and offered advice.

1st September, 1956.