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The Voyage of the Triton


Chapter 1 Preparations for the Voyage 
Chapter 2 The Voyage Begins 
Chapter 3 South to Cape Town 
Chapter 4 African Interlude 
Chapter 5 From Cape Town to Hobart Town 
Chapter 6 Journey's End 

This lecture has been compiled from the journals and diaries of the Revs. Thomas Buddle, ]ohn Aldred and George Buttle; from copies of the Early Missionaries' Correspondence, especially the copy of the Rev. H. H. Turton's detailed account of day-to-day life on the "Triton"; and from copies of the Missionary Reports in the Methodist Magazines of 1838-39-40; all of which are held at Trinity Theological College Library, Auckland. Also from the Early Methodist Records held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

I wish to acknowledge my deep gratitude to the Rev. E. W. Hames, who made it possible for me to have access to these early records, both at T'rinity and Turnbull Libraries.

And to the Rev. L. R. M. Gilmore for his infinite patience with my many long delays, and for his willingness to undertake for me the work of the publishing of this lecture.