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The First Sixty Years of Wesley Historical Society

Reflections on Sixty Years by
           Robert Thornley
           Eric Heggie 
           John Dawson
           Wesley Chambers
           John Silvester
Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Chapter 2 - The Laws - frost Years
Chapter 3 - The Pratt - Laurenson Years
Chapter 4 - The Hames - Gilmore Years
Chapter 5 - The Laurenson - Gilmore Years
Chapter 6 - The Chambers - Roberts Years
Appendix A - The Main Office Bearers        
Appendix B - Committee Members
Appendix C - A List of Proceedings Published
Appendix D - Annual Meetings


The Wesley Historical society is greatly indebted to its Secretary, Dave Roberts, for his painstaking and thorough work in researching the first sixty years of the life of the Society. He has woven together a chronicle of events which will enable members to look back and identify with particular events and people and will give to the wider circle of readers a clear picture of the goals and aims of the Society.

The carefully compiled records of officials and financial statements will serve as a very useful point of reference.

The Society exists to assist us to know and tell our story. As we honour those who, in the past, have been the custodians of tradition our resolve to carry forward this responsibility and privilege is increased. We are inspired by their dedication.

Dave Roberts comes to the end of a long and devoted term as Secretary. It is fitting that this account should serve as a memorial to his loyalty and enthusiasm for the work of the Society. Thanks Dave.

Scattered through the text are pictures depicting significant happenings in the life of the church. They are the events which influence our thinking and actions and often give rise to the stories recorded by the W.H.S.

W.J. Morrison