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History of Methodism in Stoke Nelson - Wesley Historical Society

History of Methodism in Stoke (Nelson, N.Z.)



The Author's Foreward

Chapter 1 Early Beginnings

Chapter II More about the First Chapel

Chapter III From 1861 to 1915 (Second Church to Third)

Chapter IV From Third Church to Sunday School Hall (1915-1931)

Chapter V The Sunday School Hall

Chapter VI The Stoke Church - Its more recent history

Ministers during the years
Ladies' Guild Presidents
Present Stoke Trustees
Local Preachers (Stoke only)
S.S. Superintendents
S.S. Secretaries
B.C. Leaders
S.S. Teachers who have given outstanding service
Church Organists
Choir Conductors


It is with pleasure that the Trustees of the Stoke Methodist Church send forth this brochure, believing that it will be of real interest and historical value to everyone concerned in any way with early Church life in the Nelson District, and especially to "the people called Methodists."

We are greatly indebted to the Rev. C. B. Jordan, M.A., B..D., who has written the brochure. It may have been expected that I, as the present minister of the Stoke Church, would have done it. As a matter of fact, I did commence to gather materials for a brochure soon after my arrival in the Richmond Circuit about 4i years ago. But as the origins of Stoke Methodism were then, it seemed, wrapped in almost complete obscurity, I made little progress in my research, partly it must be admitted, through lack of time and opportunity. Fortunately Mr. Jordan came to live at Stoke later, and at my suggestion the Trustees asked him if he would consent to continue the work of research into Stake's Methodist origins and history.

This he agreed to do, and ever since for about 18 months he has been on the job, interviewing descendants of the old pioneers, reading old papers, magazines, letters, etc., and now has gathered all this information into this very readable, and we believe, valuable historical record.

I personally am deeply grateful to Mr. Jordan for relieving me of the burden of the research work entailed in this booklet. It could not have been the thorough and complete production which we believe it to be, if it had all been left to me.

It is therefore with confidence that I commend this little story of Stoke Methodism to you.

Present Minister.