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A Hundred Years of Methodist Witness in Hamilton - Wesley Historical Society

A Hundred Years of Methodist Witness in Hamilton

A Hundred Years of Methodist Witness in Hamilton



To the Maori First

The Church in a Military Settlement 1864-1880

Hamilton Methodism Comes of Age 1882

Years of Consolidation 1882-1900

Rapid Development 1900-1913

Two Congregations Unite 1913

The Years of Crises 1914-1945

Fifty Years of Church Extension 1913-1963

Year of Change and Opportunity 1947-1964

Hamilton Methodist Trust

Succession of Ministers

Circuit Stewards

Church Music

Sunday School and Youth Workers

Women of the Church


This brochure would not have been possible apart from the work of Mr H. R. Vyle, who as Secretary of the Centenary Committee has given many hours in collecting reminiscences from families with early associations with St Paul's and in helping collate and prepare the material for publication. We are greatly indebted also to the late Mr John Jebson who, prior to his death, began the task of gathering material of historical interest for the Centenary. This brochure draws heavily upon information provided in his excellent lecture on "The Story of Hamilton Methodism", presented to the Historical Society in August 1959 and published in the Waikato Times, and also the Souvenir of Waikato Methodism published in 1942 for the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the Establishment of European Work in the district. Records prior to 1900 unfortunately were lost in the parsonage fire in 1899. We wish to thank also the Rev. H. L. Blamires, Mr T. L. Hames, Mr L. A. Clover and his sister Mrs E. S. Feist, Mr and Mrs R. H. G. Harwood, Mr J. C. Tietjens, Mr Arthur Harris, Mrs E. S. McDonagh, Mr Morris and those of our members who have forwarded reminiscences or made material available. The greater part of the section on the Hamilton Methodist Church Trust has been kindly supplied by Mr Herbert Longbottom, Secretary of the Trust. Thanks are also due to Mrs D. W. Holland for typing the manuscript. The story of Methodist witness in Hamilton during the first century of the city's history is one for which we can feel justly proud and for which we give thanks and praise to Almighty God.

Superintendent Minister