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St Albans Methodist Church Centenary 1853-1953 by Sir Ernest H. Andrews - Wesley Historical Society

St Albans Methodist Church Centenary 1853-1953
A Brief Retrospect. St Albans Methodist Church Centenary

St Albans Methodist Church Centenary



Ministerial Succession

A Brief Retrospect



IN COMPILING THIS HISTORY OF THE ST. ALBANS METHODIST CHURCH, it was enjoined upon me that it must be confined to some thirty-six to forty pages. In this respect I find my greatest difficulty for there is such a wealth of interesting material available, incidents serious and amusing, that must be omitted in order to record historical facts, and these too in abridged form, much as one would like to enlarge upon them.

The matter for this brochure has been obtained mainly from authentic records preserved by the Church and the Methodist Connexional Office. For the latter I am indebted to the 'Story of the St. Albans Methodist Church', compiled by the late Rev. M. A. Rugby Pratt, F.R.H.S., former Connexional Secretary, on the occasion of its ninetieth anniversary, and especially to Mrs. Vernon Bedwell, grand-daughter of that fine pioneer, Mr. Isaac Philpott. Mrs. Bedwell provided much of the material for Mr. Pratt's story and for this brochure, with numerous reminiscences from the store-house of her wonderful memory, for she has been connected with the Church continuously since her christening in the old Church over eighty years ago. There are many others-ministers, laymen and descendants of pioneers-one would like to acknowledge, but even if space permitted, the names are so numerous that I must ask them to accept our tribute en bloc.

One would not omit a reference to the hundreds of faithful souls, who have passed to higher service, whose names do not appear in official records, but which in faith we believe, are written in the 'Book of Life'.