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Some Yesterdays of Motueka Methodism by C.B.Jordan - Wesley Historical Society

Brochure to commemorate the 110th Anniversary of the Methodist Church, Motueka

Some Yesterdays of Motueka Methodism


Chronological List of Motueka Methodist Parsons

The Author's Foreward

Yesterdays of Motueka Methodism

1. The Genesis of Methodism

2. Prior to the Seventies

3. The Church of the Seventies

4. Fellowship and Church Life in the Seventies

5. Sunday School and Youth Affairs during the Seventies and Eighties

6. The Eighties

7. The Nineties

8. First Decade of the Twentith Century

9. From 1911 to about 1925

Recent Outstanding Events


When asked by the Motueka Methodist Trustees to write a brochure to commemorate their 110th Anniversary, I consented for several reasons: (1) Being both a native of Motueka and one of its past ministers, I recognised the reasonableness of the request. (2) I am conscious of no "thorn in the flesh" militating against my penmanship comparable to that which militates against my effective speaking. (3) I wanted to help my friend the Rev. Hubert Brown, who as District Chairman in addition to being the Motueka minister, had his hands more than full. (4) I have still many good friends among Motueka Methodists, from whom I have never received anything but kind treatment. (5) In sending forth this brochure, I am hoping to serve Christ's Kingdom no less than His Church.

In writing the brochure I hereby acknowledge with gratitude my indebtedness to the following, whom I name here in alphabetical order without comment. They reside at Motueka unless otherwise stated:- Mr and Mrs G. Allcott, Mrs Bruce and Miss Shirley Bruce (all of Stoke), the Rev. I-I. G. Brown, the Rev. H. L. Fiebig, B.A. (Christchurch), Mr Hollis Hill (Brightwater), Mrs M. Hulbert, Miss F. S. Jordan, the Rev. R. P. and Mrs Keall (Lower Hutt), the Rev. J. D. McArthur (Blenheim), Mr M. H. McGlashen (Mayor of Richmond), Miss Doris Parker, Mr and Mrs W. Quayle, the Rev. C. M. Roberts (New Plymouth), Mr Warren Stevens, Mrs J. Thorne (nee Alexander, Palmerston N.), and Mr and Mrs E. S. Wratt.

Although baptized, brought up, and confirmed in the Church of England, I knew as a boy some of the former Methodist pastors in Motueka, particularly those with whose sons I attended school.

Stoke, January 1, 1952.