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Some Letters of Baron de Thierry (to John Hobbs)


1. The letters were discovered amongst early records at Pitt St., Church, Auckland. The second letter hears the pencilled comment 'This is an extremely interesting document, H. Bull" (Rev. Henry Bull, 1843-1919 - was a former Connexional Secretary).

2. Peculiarities of spelling throughout have been preserved in the case of proper names only.

3. Several passages in the letters were heavily underlined for emphasis.


The recent discovery of two letters (dated 1842) from Baron de Thierry to the Rev. John Hobbs, of the Wesleyan Mission, at Mangungu, Hokianga, recalls to mind the exploits of one of the most interesting figures of early New Zealand history.Charles, Baron de Thierry, was the son of an impoverished French nobleman who settled in England during the Napoleonic wars. He was a most romantic young man, and when, in 1820, the Rev. Mr Kendall brought Shunghie (i.e., Hongi-Hika) and Wai-kato to England to assist in compiling a Maori grammar, Charles met them and at once conceived an ardent desire to found a settlement in New Zealand.