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Some Glimpses of the Life and Work of The Rev. I. Harding


Life and Work in England 1815-1852
Victoria - Australia
Auckland - New Zealand
Wellington and Wanganui


The Rev. Isaac Harding served as a Methodist minister for 61 years. To chronicle all his activities in that capacity would require a full volume.

Unfortunately it is not possible to fully record the whole of his life now, as the passage of years has ruled out the possibility of obtaining the comprehensive information that would be necessary. Nevertheless it is felt that sufficient is known to warrant placing it on record, thus providing a means whereby a glimpse of his life can be obtained.

All of the information to be presented can be authenticated, the material having been obtained from documents of his lifetime, from private and church correspondence, newspaper publications and the like. Perhaps the information which is to follow will be more significant if at the outset a brief description is given of the type of man Isaac Harding was. At his death one writer who knew him intimately wrote:

"As a preacher he was remarkable for unusual vigor, intellectual ability, simplicity, and spiritual power. -He was a profound thinker, a great lover of books, a close and zealous student of the Bible, of which he had an intimate and minute acquaintance."

He was also known for his courage and sense of humour. These qualities will manifest themselves in the stories that follow.