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The Scandinavian Mission of the Methodist Church of New Zealand 1872-1894

The Scandinavian Mission
in New Zealand
by Geo. I Laurenson

How Methodism Came into the Picture 
The Scandinavian Immigration of 1870-1890 to New Zealand 
The Coming of Paster Edward Nielson 
The Course of the Developments of the Mission 
The 1881 Report by Rev.W.J.Williams 
The Religious Situation 
Buildings and Staffing 
The Closing Stages of the Separate Existence of the Scandinavian Mission

In the Home Mission Report for the year 1875, printed early in 1876 appears this brief paragraph: "Scandinavian Mission."

"A Scandinavian Missionary, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of America, having followed to New Zealand a number of his countrymen, the Conference received him as a probationer, and he is successfully employed itinerating among the Danes and Norwegians and receives £50 a year from the Fund toward his support, his congregation providing the rest."

In this way our records introduce a very interesting interlude in the pioneer stages of Methodism in this' country.