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Rev Wesley Albert Chambers - Wesley Historical Society

Rev. Wesley Albert Chambers


Foreword - Vema Mossong

Eulogy - Jack Penman
Wesley Historical Society
Cherished Friend - R G Bell

COLLECTED ARTICLES written by W.A.Chambers
Methodist Churches in New Zealand
The Master Builder
James Buller and the Colonial Church in Canterbury
A Packet of Leigh Letters
A Tale of Two Brothers

Bibliography - Vema Mossong
Warden of Deaconess Order
- Shirley Ungemuth and Rona Collins
Selected Poems - W A Chambers


There was full agreement in Wesley Historical Society (NZ) Council to gather together the unpublished manuscripts of our late President, Wesley Albert Chambers, and to publish them as a memorial tribute.

We offer this Proceeding of the Society as a tribute to an honoured pastor, warden of the Deaconess Order, poet, hymn writer, scholarly Church historian and theologian. Until the last he was an active leader and respected president of W.H.S.(NZ) and a valued vice-president of the World Historical Society.

We thank Maida, his wife, for her support in his various ministries, and for her advice and patience while this publication was being prepared.

We honour Wesley A Chambers, "... above reproach ... dignified, hospitable, an apt teacher ... gentle ... a good minister of Jesus Christ nourished on the words of the faith." (Timothy 3 and 4)

Verna Mossong, President 1995