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Wesley Historical Society - NZ Proceedings up to 1940

The 4-page inserts were published with the U.K. proceedings. Sometimes these had a title page and occasionally, a list of members. Until June 1934 they were given a N.Z. number and date but subsequently were allocated the number of the U.K. issue they accompanied. They were generally distributed here 6 months after the U.K. date of publication.


Vol. 1

Pt.1 Jun. 1930 Introductory (Dr.C.H.Laws) and poem. (J.H.Haslam)

Pt.2 Sep 1930 Methodism and the Treaty of Waitangi. (A.B.Chappell)

Pt.3 Dec. 1930 Herald of a Higher Race. (M.A.Rugby Pratt)

Pt.4 Mar.1931 How the Waitara War Ended. (J.T. Pinfold)


Pt.1 Jun. 1931 Missionary Sequel to a Famous Treaty. (A.B.Chappell)

Pt.2 Sep. 1931 Pioneer Days in the South Island. (M.A.Rugby Pratt)

Pt.3 Dec.1931 Otakou Harbour. (T.A. Pybus)

Pt.4 Mar.1932 Notes - main one on Wesley letters in N.Z. (Dr C.H.Laws)


Pt.l Jun. 1932 Hokianga Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery. (Mrs W.Gittos)

Pt.2 Sep. 1932 The Wairau 'Massacre' - a letter of Samuel Ironside.

Pt.3 Dec.1932 Old Otakau. (T.A.Pybus)

Pt.4 Mar.1933 Methodism and the Treaty of Waitangi. (A.B.Chappell)


Pt.1 Jul. 1933 Hobson Thanks Wesleyan Missionaries. (M.A.Rugby Pratt)

Pt.2 Oct. 1933 Bumby and the N.Z. Mission. (M.A.Rugby Pratt)

Pt.3 Mar.1934 Old British Residency at Bay of Islands. (T.Lindsay Buick)

Pt.4 Jun. 1934 (a) Extracts from letters of Watkins and Lawry.

(b) Diary of Mr. E. Meurant - Pt.1. (J.H.Haslam)


Vol. 19

Pt.5 Mar. 1935 Diary of Mr. E. Meurant - Pt.2. (J.H.Haslam)

Pt.6 Jun. 1934 Governors of N. Z. - What we are Indebted to Them.

Pt.7 Sep. 1934 Governors of N.Z. - What we are Indebted to Them.

Pt.8 Dec. 1934 The Romance of the Fiji Isles. (R.B.Gosnell)

Vol. 20

Pt.1 Mar. 1935 Methodism in Westland - Pt. 1. (J.H. Haslam)

Pt.2 Jun. 1935 Otakou Harbour and the First Christian Mission. (T.A.Pybus)

Pt.3 Sep. 1935 Methodism in Westland - Pt.2. (J.H.Haslam)

Pt.4 Dec. 1935 John Whiteley, Missionary Martyr - Pt. 1.(A.B.Chappell)

Pt.5 Mar. 1936 John Whiteley, Missionary Martyr - Pt. 2. (A.B.Chappell)

Pt.6 Jun. 1936 John Whiteley, Missionary Martyr - Pt. 3. (A.B.Chappell)

Pt.7 Sep. 1936 John Whiteley, Missionary Martyr - Pt.4. (A.B.Chappell)

Pt.8 Dec. 1936 Methodism in Westland - Pt.3. (J.H.Haslam)

Vol. 21

Pt.1 Mar. 1937 An Unforgettable Chapter in N.Z. Early Methodist History - Excerpts from Rev. Walter Lawry's Journal on establishing an educational institution for Maori in Auckland.

Pt.2 Jun. 1937 First 50 Years of Our Maori Mission - How to Help in Writing History.(A.B.Chappell)

Pt.3 Sep. 1937 Wesleyana in N.Z. (George Frost)

Pt.4 Dec. 1937 Extension of the N.Z. Mission – 1834. (A.B.Chappell)

Pt.5 Mar. 1938 (Letter from secretary John Grocott )

There appear to have been no more N.Z. inserts until these last two listed in 1940.


Pt.5 Mar.1940 Centenary of South Island Methodism. (M.A.Rugby Pratt)

Pt.6 Jun. 1940 Letters to Mr. Joseph Newman of Auckland in 1843 from Revs. J. Whiteley and G. Buttle.