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Methodism in New Zealand - Wesley Historical Society

Methodism in New Zealand


1. Introduction

2. The Collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library

3. Methodist Records in the Turnbull Collections

4. Two interesting Methodist Documents
A Letter from the Rev Geo.Buttle to his sister - 1855
Wesley Church Inventory



Thie issue of Proceedings brings to members a wealth of information about resources for students and others Interested in learning more about 'the Methodist Story', housed at the Alexander Turnbull Library, situated in the Terrace, Wellington.

The Lecture was delivered originally by Mr J.E. Traue, the Chief Librarian, at the Annual General Meeting of the Society held at the Library on Saturday, November 6th, 19?6. We regret the long delay in publication, but the manuscript was lost, and it is only recently that we were able to secure a duplicate copy from Mr Traue.

The Society records its warm appreciation of Mr Traue's kindness, both in preparing and delivering the Lecture and enabling us to hear the same in the comfortable surroundings of the Library itself.

We express the hope that the information herein will be of great interest and value to our members, and also to others engaged in historical research.

L.K.M. Gilmore, Secretary, Wesley Historical Society (N.Z.)
December, 1980.