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Methodism During the Maori Wars OnLine

Note: This is mainly about the Waikato.

Introduction . . .

The main purpose of this work has been to examine previously unpublished material with the view of establishing the various attitudes of the Methodist Church and Mission during the Auckland Wars. There have been general opinions handed down from older Ministers and some small effort made to recapture some thought. This work, however, deals with the political, social, and religious background of the Methodist Church in Auckland during the period of 1860-64. The conclusions reached are general in some ways, but a centre-line of opinion is difficult to draw after so many years have passed.

It might seem that some sections have been inadequately treated. This is due first of all to lack of space, and secondly to the fact that the main effort has been to use as much unpublished material as possible. Material has not, I hope, been excluded at the cost of historical accuracy.

Methodism had much more contact with Imperial Troops in Auckland long before 1860, but space has not permitted the inclusion of earlier work with these men.

I must thank sincerely the Rev. O. E. Burton, M.A., for his kind assistance in the field of structure during the early part of this work. Also to my Principal, the Rev. E. W. Hames, M.A., who has always encouraged me in historical research, to the Rev. G. I. Laurenson, Superintendent of the Home and Maori Mission Department of the Methodist Church, and to the staffs of the Turnbull Library and National Archives in Wellington.

It would have been difficult to have written the work without the Journal of the Rev. J. Rishworth, which was kindly lent to me by his daughter. Miss Rishworth. My special thanks to Mr. Len Wards of the War Histories Dept., Wellington, who has advised me and constantly encouraged me; to Miss Thea Jones, who typed the script, and Mr. Rodney Smith for his sketch of the Papakura Methodist Church.

FRANK G. GLEN, Trinity Methodist Theological College, Auckland.

October 16th, 1957.