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The First Hundred Years of Masterton Methodism - Wesley Historical Society

The first Hundred Years of Masterton Methodism

The First Hundred Years of Masterton Methodism



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Wairarapa Methodism

The establishment of Methodism in Masterton is closely associated with the foundation of the town itself. The pioneering spirit of the Methodists in the 18th and 19th centuries in England and Scotland was brought to New Zealand by Methodist immigrants in the earliest days of the foundation of the new colony, and was carried to Masterton by that kindly man of high ideals, the late Mr. Henry Jones. In 1855 Mr. Jones and some of his family arrived in Masterton and built a home. Mr. Jones then sent to Wellington for the younger members of his family and they departed for Masterton on New Year's Day, 1856. and arrived in the newly-founded township on January 6, after a most trying journey, over rough bush tracks and the dangerous so-called road over the Rimutaka Hill, part of the trip having to be done on pack bullocks with hidden dangers lurking everywhere in treacherous, tracks and bridgeless rivers where mishaps were not always avoided through slips on the tracks (they could not be actually called roads) and the scouring of the rivers. Through the trials and tribulations of that nerve-wracking journey-through swamps and bogs, and fast-flowing rivers and sluggish dangerous creeks-the remainder of the family safely reached the town named after Mr. Joseph Masters; the whole family having brought with them the true spirit of Methodism, which placing its trust in God had, since the days when John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield had sown the seeds of Methodism in their litlle club at Oxford University in the eighteenth century, overcome all difficulties in the propogation of their faith.