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A Church Remembers - Kingsland - Wesley Historical Society

A brief history of Trinity Methodist Church, Kingsland

A Church Remembers


Editor's Note


Methodism Comes to Auckland

Methodism comes to Kingsland

The First Churches

How they Began

Through the Years

The First Trustees

Opening of the Present Church

Local Changes

Lighting and Music

Times of Sorrow

An Important Milestone

Our Ministers

Our Sunday School

Church Organisations


By the Rev. H. Ranston. M. A., Litt.D.

It was with a great privilege to have been the minister at Kingsland from 1916 to 1923. Some of these years were very tense and even sorrowful for many members and adherents, but it was in the special periods of crisis that I learnt to appreciate the solid worth of so many of them. In the more happy days which came, my sense of their fine qualities became even more deep and real.

Methodism has always bred loyal workers with solid and practical religion and here it was in Kingsland exemplified to a very high degree. My fairly close touch with them in the years that have followed has only served to deepen my appreciation of their self sacrificing zeal for Christ and His Kingdom. This spirit did not die with the passing of so many of them to Higher service, as these following pages witness, in a story well told and indeed well worth telling. Kingsland and Eden Terrace are now one. In 1902 I, a raw probationer just out from Home, was minister at Eden Terrace. Part of my ministry at Kingsland was shared by Eden Terrace. Here also were fine loyal people whom no one who ministered to them will ever forget and to whom Methodism owes much.