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Journal 2000 - Wesley Historical Society

Journal 2000


Foreword by Bernie le Heron

METHODIST ARCHIVES: An Historical Survey
by Rev. Donald Phillipps
by Bernie Le Heron
by Rev. Dr Allan Davidson
Solomon Islands Mission Centenary, May 2002

Have you ever heard of Ruruvai?
by Rev. Trevor Shepherd
Proposed Trip to the Solomons
by Jim Cropp
Queen's Service Medal awarded to Verna Mossong JP QSM

Sister Rita Snowden by Mervyn Dine
Rev. Dr Frank Baker 1910-1999 by John A Vickers
Keith Howard Lawry by Rev. John B Dawson

Where Have All the Churches Gone?
by David Roberts

Churches Then and Now: Examples, Ohoka and Otaki

List of Photos of Early Churches
by David Roberts
Philatelic History
by Rev. Douglas Burt

Book Launch Queen Salote of Tonga

Book Review Meet the Man: Jesus by Selwyn Dawson
An Unusual Headstone: Thomas Chamberlain

The Armitage Family
by Rev. Marcia Baker
To Green Fields and Pastures New
from the Diary of Rev. G.S. Harper
by Rev. Marcia Baker
Academic Theses 1983-1996
Selected by Rev. Donald Phillipps


The publication of an annual Journal since 1984 has provided the vehicle to carry items that would otherwise be excluded on the ground of brevity; it also serves as a newsletter of sorts.

So once again it is a pleasure to have a wide variety of items in .Journal 2000 both in subject matter and amount of space occupied. And again, the latest AGM lecture lias qualified as a stand-alone publication separate from the Journal.

Trinity College: Informed Minds and Warm Hearts, by Susan Thompson, is supported by discourses from Jack Penman and Selwyn Dawson, demonstrating the contributions of students, who studied in the early years of Trinity College, to the literature of the Methodist Church in their retirement. Regarding this Journal's leading article. The Methodist Archives are not the responsibility of the Wesley Historical Society but are nevertheless inseparably involved with us, hence we are grateful to Donald Phillipps for tracing the history of the Archives. His article has provided us with the opportunity to supplement his account by means of a presentation of the Archives as they are today - a dynamic collection of textual and pictorial information that is being constantly updated.

The exposure we give in this Journal will, we trust, lead to increased use of the facilities which are available to all. In this connection it was gratifying to receive so many requests for copies of the Maori newspaper Te Haeata, featured in. Journal 1999, that a further supply had to be photocopied.

We try to keep our Finger on the pulse of the counsels of Methodism so have included Allan Davidson's analysis of our Church's place in the ecumenical scene, which appeared in Crosslink of February 2000.

In view of the impending Solomon Islands Mission Centenary in 2002, we give publicity to the proposed trip to the celebrations and also feature a sample of the activity after World War II as described by Trevor Shepherd, who was there.

A milestone in the experience of Wesley Historical Society is the award to Verna Mossong of the Queen's Service Medal. Congratulations, Verna!

Inevitably there are obituaries in every Journal; this time four recently deceased people, who have made significant contributions to our activities, are celebrated.

We continue the theme begun in Journal 1999, the fact-finding travels of Dave Roberts. He has matched the photographs of all the church buildings pictured in Morley's History of New Zealand Methodism with his own pictures of the buildings as they stand today.

Doug Burt's absorbing interest, stamp collecting, has been recognised by the inclusion of his article, 'Philatelic History'.

Phil Taylor has reviewed Selwyn Dawson's latest book. Meet the Man. We are delighted to assist the publicity for this life of Jesus Christ, which may well become widely used in religious and academic circles.

We recommend that a watching brief be kept on the list of anniversaries coming up in 2001 and 2002, on the back cover.

Finally, I am once again indebted to contributors of articles and items, and to Committee members for their valuable assistance. Many thanks!

Bernie Le Heron