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Journal 2015 - WHS Publication #100

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With the December 2015 issue of the Journal the Society marks its one hundredth publication. This constitutes a milestone worthy of celebration. The Society is committed to preserving, investigating and interpreting the history of the Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Hahi Wetenana 0 Aotearoa so that there can be learnings for future generations. We trust that the next hundred issues are as lively and interesting as the last. The Society seeks to encourage the emergence of church historians who bring to their research passion and insight.
At the 2015 Conference of the Church held in Blenheim in November the question was raised hô' best to celebrate the bi-centenary of the establishment of the Wesleyan Missionin New Zealand. Various ideas are being considered. The future of the Church at Kaeo is a subject of discussion. The possibility of a publication has also been floated. These commemorations provide opportunities to take a carefu1 look at our foundations in this land and to refocus our mission in the lightbf our origins.
This issue of the Journal has a range of articles that should interest members. We are g1ad to publish Cohn Gibson's address at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Ecumenical Tertiary Chaplaincy at Otago University.
With few documents to guide him Don Goodall outlines the remarkable story of Susannah Napier.
Helen Laurenson discovered the article from the New Zealand Herald by Hare Hongi and comments on his life and work.
The annual lecture to the Society in 2015 on the relationship between Methodism and the Ratana movement was given by Garth Cant and is reproduced here. We look forward to Garth's extended study on this theme in a future WHS publication.
Doug. Pratt has offered his tribute given at the funeral of Frank Glen. Here we see the scope of Frank's writing and the path he took to become a leading New Zealand historian, especially in the field of military history. Allan Davidson assesses John Kadiba's study of Fijian Methodists engaged in mission work in the Northern Territory. My review is an appreciation of Ormond Burton's recently published Concerning One Man War which is both lively and illuminating.
Finally we are happy to publish Clarrie Leadley's prayer set to music by Len Schroeder.
With sadness the Society reports the death in December of Margaret Ziegler. At the funeral Helen Laurenson spoke warmly of Margaret's commitment to the Society and her dedication as secretary.
- Terry Wall