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Journal 2005 - Wesley Historical Society


Editorial - Terry Wall

Retiring editor thanked - Susan Thompson

David Lange and his Methodism - John Roberts

Primitive Methodism in Hamilton - Peter Lineham

Obituary - Bruce Verry - Mil Weeks

Obituary - Rev. Esau Tusa - Alan Leadley and Jocelyn Howie

Charles Creed - Intrepid Traveller - Frank Paine

The Joy of Reading - Selwyn Dawson

John and Susan Orchard - Barbara Peddie

Pot-pourri of Catholicity - Brian Turner

Companion to William Morley - Donald Phillipps


In this issue of the Journal we honour prominent Methodists who have died, examine some missionary history and draw on resources that will equip us for the future.

Bernie Le Heron has completed a successful term as editor of the Journal. We are pleased to print a tribute to Bernie from the pen of Susan Thompson. Bernie has overseen the development of the Journal in recent years and has always been convinced of its important place in the life of the church.

The death of David Lange prompted the Conference to reflect on his relationship with Methodism. John Roberts surveys the life of one of our most colourful Prime Ministers and argues that David Lange was deeply influenced by Methodism both in New Zealand and Britain. His relationship with Lord Soper is highlighted and we are reminded of the challenge Christians in positions of political leadership face when seeking to ground the gospel in policy. John concludes by claiming that David Lange stood most comfortably in the Primitive Methodist tradition.

Primitive Methodism is a significant element in Methodism in the Waikato. Peter Lineham contributes a lively sermon on the history of Primitive Methodism in Hamilton. He portrays the origins and traces the evolution of Primitive Methodism in England and its arrival in this land. Peter believes that the unpolished nature of Primitive Methodism has a contribution to make in our current situation.

We are grateful to Jill Weeks who has provided an obituary for the Bruce Verry, who was a longstanding and active member of the Wesley Historical Society.

Jocelyn Howie and Alan Leadley collaborate in writing an obituary to the Reverend Esau Tusa, a prominent Solomon Island minister.

In some interesting research Frank Paine draws on letters and diaries of the Reverend Charles Creed, early missionary, to demonstrate the adversity he encountered and his determination to proclaim the gospel.

Among Selwyn Dawson's papers the present editor discovered the article "The Joy of Reading". Behind Selwyn's preaching was a mind that was formed by catholic tastes in literature. There is no indication whether this paper was given at a School of Theology or prepared for publication. Perhaps a reader may enlighten us on that score. It is however vintage Dawson. It sheds light on his extensive reading: the writers who fired his imagination and the fields that he delighted to explore.

Finally, two papers from the South Pacific Conference sponsored by the Wesley Historical Society held at Papakura in January 2005 are included. Brian Turner and Barbara Peddie share with us the fruits of their research into their family histories. As part of the presentation under the theme of "Weaving Pakeha Mats" each speaker uncovered deep and diverse Methodist roots.

Terry Wall