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             Instructions of the WMS to Mr Leigh

by Mr. C. J. Freeman on "Instructions to Leigh."

The printed Instructions, of which this is a copy, were sent out to the Missionary Committee that was set up in New South Wales to attend to the wants of Missionaries in Tonga and New Zealand. There is unfortunately a large blotch across the page of the Minute Book in which the proceedings of the first meeting of the Committee are re-corded, and -the ink has faded out where the date of the meeting, and . where it was held should be. The meeting was held in 1821, and as far as I can 'decipher the chairman was the Rev. Samuel Leigh. When the second meeting was held he was apparently in New Zealand, and the Rev. Walter Lawry, I thine, chaired the meeting. These Minutes are a contemporary record of the original and, I take it, were written out by Robert Mansfield the first secretary. I am making a copy of them so that we shall have them amongst our records. Extracts from the latter part of the Instructions, that deal more particularly with the domestic and economic needs of the New Zealand Mission were copied out into the Minutes.

The printed Instructions them-selves were bound with a number of Missionary letters. I hope later on to devote a little time to find out how this Missionary correspondence and the Minute Book found its way into Alexander Turnbull Library. I feel fairly certain-that they were at one time held by the Rev. James Buller, as some of his sermons are bound in the same way, and some of his letters are included.