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Instructions to Early Missionaries - Wesley Historical Society

             Instructions of the WMS to Mr Leigh

by Mr. C. J. Freeman on "Instructions to Leigh."

The pri'nted Instructions, of which this is a copy, were sent out to the Missionary Committee that was set up in New South Wales to attend to the wants of Missionaries in Tonga and New Zealand. There is unfortunately a large blotch across the page of the Minute Book in which the proceedings of the first meeting of the Committee are re-corded, and -the ink has faded out where the date of the meeting, an'a . where it was held should be. The meeting was held in 1821, and as far as I can 'decipher the chairman was the Rev. Samuel Leigh. When the second meeti'ng was held he was apparently in New Zealand, and the Rev. Walter Lawry, I thine, chaired the meeting. These Min-utes are a contemporary record of the original and, I take it, were written out by Robert Mansfield the first secretary. I am making a copy of them so that we shall have them amongst our records. Extracts from the latter part of the Instruc-tions, that deal more particularly with the domestic and economic needs of the New Zealand Mission were copied out into the Minutes.

The printed Instructions them-selves were bou'nd with a number of Missionary letters. I hope later on to devote a little time to find out how this Missionary correspondence and the Minute Book found its way into Alexander Turnbull Library. I feel fairly certain-thai they were at one time held by the Rev. James Buller, as some of his sermons are bound in the same way, and some of his letters are included.