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The Story of the Connexional Funds of the Methodist Church of New Zealand



Prince Albert College Trust 
Probert Trust 
Emsley Trust 
James and Martha Trounson Benevolent Trust 
Walters Farm Trust 
William F. Walters Methodist Trust Farm 
The J.H. Oldham Scholarship Fund 
Grey Institute Trust 
Robert Gibson Memorial Trust Fund 
Kai Iwi Trust 
Wellington Methodist Charitable and Educational Endowments 
Church building and Loan Fund 
The Connexional Fire Insurance Fund 
Supernumerary Fund 
The Methodist General Purposes Trust Fund 
Kingswood Trust Fund 
Winstone Memorial Trust Fund 
Thomas Eve Trust 
Newbold Trust Fund 
Local Church Trusts 

The contents of this brochure in part formed the substance of a lecture given to a meeting of the New Zealand Wesley Historical Society.A glance through the pages of the Minutes of Conference will reveal the significance of the subject matter. For example, there is hardly one activity of the Church dealt with under the various ques-tions that can be carried through without financial assistance. The holding of the Conference itself involves travelling costs, printing charges and other items of expenditure. The training of the ministry involves financial outlay from year to year. Mission enterprises can-not be maintained without money. Even the Spiritual Advance Com-mittee needs an annual grant! The total mission of the Church ultimately is a spiritual one, using that term in its widest connotation. That mission however, cannot be carried on without material and monetary resources. Very great assistance is rendered every year to various undertakings of the Church by what are known as our Con-nexional Funds.

The purpose of this brochure is to trace their historical origins and development, and to indicate their place in the work of our Church today.

The year-to-year operations of the various Trusts under review are reported to Conference annually and reports and financial state-ments are printed in the Annual Minutes.

The history of some of the Institutions and Boards referred to has been written separately and in detail by other writers. There is need, however, of a treatise that includes within its covers some adequate, if brief, account of all the Trusts and their related funds, so that a comprehensive picture may be obtained of their important place in the programme of the Church, and the contribution they make to its on-going life.

Experience proves that no Church can rely on endowments and maintain a vital spiritual life. The work must be maintained by the living Church, that is, by the people who constitute its fellowship. The ordinary gifts of such people, however, can be wonderfully supplemented by special gifts such as will be referred to in these pages. Such dedicated gifts often make possible activities that other-wise might not be carried on.

These Connexional Funds which through the years have been created, maintained, and expanded are indeed a trust from God and as such must be faithfully administered in the interests of the King-dom of God in the world.