New Zealand Methodist Church OnLine History
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Free Methodism in New Zealand OnLine  


What follows in the pages below purports to be merely an outline of the story of the United Free Methodist Church in New Zealand. The sources of the information contained therein are, principally copies of the N.Z. Free Methodist Quarterly and the minute books of District Meetings and of the District Committee. There is no complete file of either.

As Methodist churches in New Zealand today which were up till 1896 Free Methodist churches reach 75th anniversaries and centennials local record's will doubtless provide detail which will interest the descendants of long deceased protagonists, but which with all due kindness and respect can hardly be regarded as of general interest or of great importance.

Hence the Outline which follows: it sets out to tell the salient facts, to sketch a picture, to record an effort.

S. G. Macfarlane.