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First Years at Hokianga 1827- 1836 - Wesley Historical Society

First Years at Hokianga


Cover The Monument at Mangungu

1 Leaving Sydney

4 Nathaniel Turner

6 Arrival at Hokianga

7 Getting Started

11 Selecting a Site

14 John Hobbs and James Stack

17 The Maori Chiefs

21 William White

23 Difficulties

24 Differences of opinion

26 Visit of Orton to the Mission

28 Changing staff

31 Scandals

34 Visiting Mangungu today

In a previous brochure, entitled "Toil and Adversity at Whangaroa," the story of the Methodist Mission to New Zealand is told from its initiation in 1823 to its disruption and the enforced flight of the missionaries in 1827. After a brief stay with members of the Anglican Mission at the Bay of Islands the Methodist party sailed for Sydney in the whaler "Sisters" on January 28th, 1827, arriving at their destination on February 9th. It consisted of Nathaniel Turner and Mrs. Turner, with their three children, John Hobbs, James Stack and Mr. and Mrs. Luke Wade, and they took with them a Maori girl and two native lads. William White had left Whangaroa for England on September 19th, 1825, and at the time of the flight had not returned. The catastrophe to the Mission was complete. The buildings had been burned to the ground, the live stock killed: books and records destroyed, and the property of the Mission now consisted only of a few articles in store in Sydney which had not been forwarded to New Zealand.