New Zealand Methodist Church OnLine History
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by Robt.E.Fordyce

The Management Committee 
A New Principal 
Closing Days 
In Memoriam
The Late Mr.A.C.Caughy
The Late Rev.William Andrew Sinclair
The Late Rev. Charles Hughlings Garland
The Late Rev. George Thomas Marshall 
Still With Us
The Rev. Charles Henry Laws
Rev. Harry Ranston 
The College Matrons 
The Honorary Medical staff 
For King and Country
World War I
Roll of Honour
World War II 
Chronological List of Students 1921-1928 
The College Devotional Life 
Some Honoured "Dunholme" Men 
Prince Albert College having been leased to the Salvation Army for a term of years as a private hotel, students for the Methodist Church of New Zealand were trained for a short period at Pukekawa, Grafton Road, and at College Hill, Ponsonby. It was in 1912 that "Dunholme," an imposing residence on Remuera Road, Auckland, opposite Mt. Hobson, owned by Mr. A. C. Caughey, was made available to the church as a Theological College. The house had been built many years previously by the late Mr. S. Morrin, after whom Morrinsville is named. Later it was the home of the late Mr. Thomas Buddle, a prominent Auckland lawyer. When it became the College, in order to accommodate ten students, two extra rooms were built, a few feet away from the main building, and still later two more rooms and conveniences were added, thus making comfortable accommodation for fourteen students. When the number of students increased to twenty, a cottage in the grounds was renovated for the additional men. "Dunholrne" continued in use as the College until December 31st, 1928.