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David Voeta - The Story of a Pioneer Missionary

No one who has lived and worked at Teop is unaware of the influence of David (Devita) Voeta. While I was Minister there, I heard a great deal about his work. Later I was to learn that the Solomon Island District Synod of 1938 had planned to publish a book which would have included the story of his life. Because of the war the book was never completed, but the Rev. A.A. Bensley and the Rev. J.R. Metcalfe both made notes which were to have been part of the story. I have drawn heavily on these, and also on written material given to me by a number of Solomon Islanders, noteably the late Thomas Kakapuana and Mr. George Hili. Without these people and others who talked to me about David at various times, this story could not have been written.

It was written down in the year of the Teop Circuit's Jubilee (1972). It is published in the hope that the children and grandchildren of those who knew David personally will learn the story and value this part of their heritage. With so much of the past being swept away it is good for young people to value, not only their heritage of culture, but their heritage of the people who made the culture, lived within it, and did great things in their time.

G.G. Carter