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An Ordered Faith


I: Sacraments
1. Holy Communion
2. Baptism and Confirmation
3. Other
II: Church
1. Doctrine
2. Membership
3. Presidency
4. Discipline
5. Centralization
6. Methodist Theology
7. Roman Catholic Dialogue
8. Charismatic Renewal
III: Ministry
1. Doctrine of Ministry
2. Ordination
3. Probation
4. Deaconess Order
5. Episcopacy
6. Presbyterate and Diaconate
IV: Sundry Other
1. Faithful Order
i) Orders of Service
ii) Liturgical Dress
iii) Lectionary
2. Faith and Theology
i) Simple Life
ii) Politics and Church
iii) Ecumenical Relations
iv) Religious Experience
v) B.E.M. Document
vi) Theology of Offertory
vii) Inclusive Language
viii) Death & Dying
ix) Apartheid
x) Homosexuality
3. Significant People
- E.W. Hames
- J.J. Lewis
- J. Silvester


The work upon which this book is based was begun in 1978. During that year I undertook research into the theology and polity of Methodist ministry in order to present my BD dissertation "From Probationer to President: Toward a Methodist Theology of Ministry".

This research took me through the reports of the Faith and Order Committee, and that in turn inspired me to present a paper to the 1978 Religious Studies Colloquium at the University of Auckland on the work of the Faith and Order Committee entitled "An Ordered Faith and a Faithful Order". There the matter rested for a number of years until the Wesley Historical Society appointed me the annual lecturer for 1986. I was encouraged to return to this particular work, bring it up-to-date, and prepare the result for publication. The lecture I gave comprised a summary overview of the work which now appears in print.

For the Society's encouragement and forbearance, and in particular the support and patience of Mr Dave Roberts, Secretary, and the Reverend Jack Dawson, Publications Editor, I am most grateful. Also, for the efficient and helpful services of Mrs Marietta Coulter, History secretary; Mrs Valeric Bell, Religious Studies secretary; and Mrs Erica Harris, Computer Services Word Processing Support, all of the University of Waikato, I record my sincere appreciation.

Douglas Pratt, University of Waikato, July, 1989.