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A Tale of Two Colleges (Wesley College and Seminary and prince Albert College)

A Tale of Two Colleges

by Aylesbeare Arthur & Nora Buttle


Wesley College 1850-1868
1. Wanted - A College?
2. Hope Fulfilled
3. The College at Work
4. The Passing Years

Prince Albert College 1895-1906
1. A New Beginning
2. Years of Progress
3. Activities and Personalities
4. The March of Time
5. Closing Days

Prince Albert College Staff (Boys' College)
Prince Albert College Staff (Girls' College)
Theological Students Trained at Prince Albert College

Our thanks are due to Miss Arthur and to Miss Nora Buttle for the very careful and laborious research involved in the preparation of this centenary booklet. Very few Auckland people have ever heard of the Wesleyan College and Seminary, and only a dwindling number have any recollection of Prince Albert College, but each Institution did useful work in its day. The first Wesley College was established primarily for the education of the children of missionaries, and it is fitting that the story should be told by descendants of the original shareholders, who are able to interpret the faded Reports and Minute Books in the light of family tradition. As to Prince Albert College, the affection and pride of the writers, and the loyalty of the members of the Old Boys' and Old Girls' Associations over many years, are convincing evidence that the School was, a. success in every respect except financially.

The Prince Albert College Trust still functions and has certain assets, so that a third chapter may have to be added to the record some day.

President, Wesley Historical Society.