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A Pioneer Missionary - Cort Henry Schnackenberg -Wesley Historical Society

A Pioneer Missionary - Cort Henry Schnackenberg


i Preface

iii List of Illustrations

iv Acknowledgements

v The Schnackenberg Papers

vii Introduction

1 Chapter I The Founding of the Wesleyan-Methodist
Mission at Mokau
9 Chapter II The Mission Established

17 Chapter III Consolidation

25 Chapter IV A Time of Change

37 Chapter V The Last Years at Mokau

47 Chapter VI Kawhia

59 Chapter VII A New Beginning

71 Chapter VIII Raglan

85 Chapter IX The End of a Mission

99 Chapter X Conclusion

105 Bibliography


For many years the Wesley Historical Society has desired to publish the story of Cort Henry Schnackenberg and has, from time to time, considered ways and means of obtaining a worthy account of his life and work.

The Society is grateful to Mr. George Hammer for permission to publish this work which was, in the first instance, presented as a thesis to the University of Auckland for the degree of M.Utt. The document bears some of the marks of its origins with its careful documentation and well reasoned statements. Mr. Hammer has had a lifelong interest in the story of Methodist Missions and at the same time he writes from outside the Methodist Church. He is thus able to bring an objectivity which those from inside the tradition might find hard to achieve. We are glad to be able to offer to the Society this story told with a rich background of fact and with a real sensitivity.

Many of the portraits and illustrations are from "The History of Methodism in N.Z." by the late Dr. W Morley. The Society expresses its indebtedness and acknowledges its source in each case.

The Rev. Mary Ford has contributed photos and has encouraged and assisted in the publication. The descendants ofC.H. Schnackenberg have contributed generous financial assistance and we offer our sincere thanks.

The Methodist Archives have been able to come forward with a little known photo ofC.H. Schnachenberg asnd the photo of Mrs. Jane Schnackenberg has been extracted from a family photo.

The map on the cover is adapted from a locality map from the Rev. G.I. Laurenson's "Te Hahi Weteriana".

The Society gratefully acknowledges the assistance it has willingly received from all the above sources and people and offers this publication with confidence to the Church.

W.J. Morrison