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Retrospect and Prospect: Being a brief survey of the beginning and growth of Sunday school and youth work in New Plymouth among the people called Methodists.

A Goodly Heritage - History of Youth Work in New Plymouth
prepared by R.L.Cooper

Building for Democracy 
Author's Note 
How it Began 
The Original settlers 
First Raupo Church 
A "Big Gun" Superintendent 
A Clergyman's Tribute 
A "Magisterial" Super 
A Splendid Team 
Accommodation and Equipment 
First Liardet Street Church 
Whiteley Memorial 
And What of Equipment? 
And Now What? 
The Church's Support 
What Will Be Provided 
Superintendent Ministers 

This booklet cannot, and does not, claim to be a complete account of the establishment and development of church and Sunday school work in the circuit of New Plymouth. It is a retrospect and prospect of youth work "among the people called Methodists," and is issued in the hope and belief that it will at least be some inspiration to the appeal now being made for the provision of the most up-to-date building and facilities for the carrying on of this important section of church work in the circuit in the future. From the information that I have been able to collect, and the records to which I have had access, I have been enabled to place on record, in some chronological form, how the work was originally commenced and the steps by which it has been developed down to the present time. There are gaps in the records which it has burn impossible to bridge, but from what has been ascertained it is plain that the church has always set great store by its work among the youth of the community, and while the names of many former workers appear, there must be many others who loyally and with great devotion carried on this work, but because of the loss of records they must go "unsung" if not unhonoured for their part in this great activity. What the work is to-day stands as a living memorial of the work of these members of the church. With the heritage they have handed down must be accepted the responsibility for seeing that the coming generations of young Methodists are as well nurtured in the principles of religion and citizenship and the doctrines of the church as were those of past eras.

The booklet goes forth with the confidence that its story of past achievements will inspire that devotion and enthusiasm in others for the work among the youth of our church and community that was so much a characteristic of those who wrought so faithfully in the days of difficulty and hardship which marked the experiences of the pioneers of the church in New Plymouth.