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A Century of Witness 1859-1959 by E.L.Curnow Jnr. - Wesley Historical Society

Pukekohe Methodist Circuit - A Centenial Survey 1859-1959

A Century of Witness


Author's Note


A Survey

The Churches Within the Circuit
Church by the SeaShore Clark's Beach
Wesley College

Local Preachers

Ladies Guild

Women's Missionary Auxillary

Women's Evening Fellowship



In Closing - Looking Back - Looking Forward

Chronological Table

Superintendent Ministers

Home Missionaries

Circuit Stewards


Compiling the history of the Erst 100 years of Methodism in Pukekohe has been an interesting task. A complete record of the minutes of the Quarterly Meetings has made my task much easier. I wish to acknowledge the assistance given to me by the following people: the Revs. E. W. Hames, W. L. Divers, C. T. J. Luxton, E. M. Marshall, L. R. M. Gilmore and Mr F. H. Barnard. Use has been made of the early records made available by the Onehunga Circuit, and extracts from the Silver Jubilee Publication of the Franklin Times. Thanks are also due to all who have assisted with information and photographs. This is a history of 100 years of faithful witness, and we can be assured that the God who guided His people through many experiences in the last century, will lead us on to even greater things in the future, and "the best of all is. God is with us".

E.L.C., Jnr.